I was born in Odessa, Ukraine in 1998.

I studied in Physics class of Richelieu Lyceum there in 2010-2015 (graduated with gold medal). I’ve actively participated in Ukrainian Young Physicsts Tournament and olympiads in physics, mathematics, astronomy and computer science. My highest achievements then were medals at International Physics Olympiad in 2014 (Astana, silver) and 2015 (Mumbai, bronze).

In 2015 I started college at Department of General and Applied Physics of Moscow Insitute of Physics and Technology. During the first year I was actively participating in extracurricular astophysics courses organized by prof. Vasily Beskin, who became my research advisor in the second year. In 2015-2016 I was also working with Valery Slobodyanin on organization of Russian School Physics Olympiad, including the national stage in Sochi.

In 2016 I went to summer practice in Special Astrophysical Observatory in Nizhny Arkhys, Russia. Then I attended the “International school of particles, fields and strings” 2017 in Moscow, “International school of subnuclear physics” 2017 in Erice, Italy, “School of modern astrophysics – 2017” in Dolgoprudny, Russia, and the international conference “Physics of neutron starts – 2017” in Saint Petersburg, Russia presenting a poster.

In October, 2017 I repatriated to Israel and received cure from lymphoma. Then I learned Hebrew in less than a year to continue my studies at Tel Aviv University. I earned a B.Sc. degree in Physics in August 2020.

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